How to play online Blackjack card game? Basic simple rules for beginners.

In Blackjack a player has certain advantages and options that are not available to the Dealer, like receiving a 3 to 2 payoff on a winning hand while the dealer can receive only a 1 to 1 payoff on his winning hand, or being able to double a bet in certain situations while the dealer is unable to do or split pairs while the dealer is also unable to do, or stand on a total of 16 or lower while the Dealer is forced to hit on a total of 16 or lower.

Why play Blackjack? Because, by memorizing a perfect playing strategy, you can reduce the casino’s edge to almost zero. Also memorizing a number of betting techniques based on the formations of cards that are already dealt, it is possible to form a mathematical strategy that overcome the house edge.

How to play online Blackjack card game? Basic simple rules for beginners.

It is possible to form a mathematical strategy that overcome the house edge

Why play Blackjack?

The total sum of prior played cards has a huge impact on the chance of winning a current hand. It is logical to assume that by understanding the combination of the cards at any given time, a player could implement a working strategy that can maximize is chances of winning. Blackjack is primarily a game of skill, not just a game of luck. By utilizing certain betting moves, it is likely for a player to turn the odds in his favour.

Codes of Conduct in Blackjack

Although online Blackjack is very popular, if you want to play Blackjack in land based casino, you need to ascertain the codes of conduct when playing against a the casino dealer.

Do not hand over money straight to the dealer

Each transaction is overt by the security cameras, therefore a player needs to place his money outside is betting spot, and then state that the amount of casino chips he want.

Do not place objects on the Blackjack table

Wallets, smartphones and other items should not be placed on the Blackjack table, however it’s quite alright for a player to place a drink on the table, only if he his using a coaster provided by the casino.

Do not tell the dealer the move that you want

Saying to the dealer what exactly do you want to do is not right when playing Blackjack in a land based casino. For oblivious reasons, you must always use hand gestures, instead of using actual words, in order to signify to the dealer what move do want.

Double Bust

Assume you are playing Blackjack and the dealer draw for you a 8 and 9 cards and his face up card that was draw also by him is a 10 card. You hit and get a 10 card, giving you cards with a total of 27 (a busted hand). Also assume that the dealer ends up with a total of 23. Because you held a busted hand before the dealer had, you forfeit your bet. This position is called a double bust.

An Insurance Bet in Blackjack

When the dealer’s face up card is an ace, he will address the players at table and ask them if they want to place an insurance bet, which is a side bet in which a player is gambling that the dealer’s hereafter card will be a 10 value card. Players can place an insurance bet that is less than or equal to one half of the first bet that was placed. In order to place an insurance bet, a player is bound to place his own casino chips on the insurance row. A player can win an insurance bet, only if the dealer’s hereafter card is a 10 value card.

Pair splitting rules in Blackjack

Pair splitting rules in Blackjack are fairly clear. When a player is dealt two cards with the same value, he can split them into two separate hands. For example, if a player place a bet at the amount of $5 and receive a pair of 7, then his hand of cards sum to a total of 14. He can play the hand as a 14 and draw another card, or he could split the pair of 7 into two separate hands.

In order to split the pair, the player needs to place another be that is equal to the first bet that was placed. If his first bet was $5, then he must place another bet in the amount of $5 next to first bet. By doing so, the player is signing to the dealer that he wish to split his 7 cards, and to play with two hands of cards instead of only one hand.

Soft hand vs Hard hand in Blackjack

Any hand in Blackjack that consist of an ace that valued as an 11, is better known as a soft hand. For example: 4 and A cards is a soft hand of 15 and a 1 and and a 4 and an ace is a soft hand of 16. When a player receive his first two cards and one of them is an ace, he require to count the ace with a value of 11.

A hard hand of cards is any hand that either does not include an ace, and if it does, the ace is valued as 1. For example: a 7 and 9 hand of cards is considered as an hard 16 and a hand that consist of a 9 and another 9 and an ace is considered as an hard 19.

Double down rules in Blackjack

Double down allows you to double your first bet and to draw one more card. As a general rule, you can double down only after receiving your first two cards. If you want to double down, you must point to the dealer that you wish to do so, by placing a bet (with an amount that is equal to the first bet) next to the first bet.

Blackjack betting rules

Blackjack is a game played on a semi round table, usually with up to seven seats for seven players. A rectangle, known as a the betting spot, is placed in front of each player, in which he place is bets.

In land based casinos it is not allowed to use cash in order to place bets. All bets should always be placed with the casino’s chips. In order to purchase casino chips, simply take a seat at the Blackjack table, wait until the dealer complete his current round, and then place your money bills on the table, facing the dealer, and ask him for equal amount of chips. The dealer will exchange your money for chips, and slide the chips toward you.

Blackjack’s basic rules

Every Blackjack table have a sign that indicate the maximum and minimum betting limits. For example, if a Blackjack table have a minimum bet of $10, then you are not allowed to bet less than $10.

Before the dealer draw the cards, all players must place a bet by in their betting spots. Every player at the table, including the dealer will receive two cards. The dealer cards consist of a face down card and a face up card. Unlike the dealer cards, player is dealt with two cards that face up.

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